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Borg Q

Borg Q empowers a factory quality inspector. By design, it eliminates operator errors and omissions during quality inspections. Also, it provides an objective estimate of product quality.

Simply put, Borg Q incorporates a smart digital attachment to a standard vernier caliper, screw gauge and/or a dial gauge - instruments that are normally used for dimensional measurement by manufacturers. The smart digital attachment automatically records the reading as the quality inspector routinely makes the dimensional measurement for quality control using the instrument. The attachment then transmits the measured data to a Borg Q Gateway in the vicinity, which in turn, collects such measurements from all of the Borg Q digital attachments used in the plant. The Borg Q Gateway subsequently aggregates and wirelessly transfers the data to a Borg Q server in the cloud for performing advanced quality data analytics using machine intelligence.

The application of Borg Q can be for both in-process and supplier quality assurance. The whitepaper herein describes a successful implementation of Borg Q by a tractor OEM in order to achieve a unified standard of supplier quality amongst their 80 suppliers.




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