eC4 is an energy conservation, command and control platform that connects non-intrusively to plant equipment and proactively uncovers inefficiencies to ensure optimal energy use.
eC4 continuously optimizes energy intensity!


  • Connect to electrical panels of individual machines (energy guzzlers in the plant), as well as water, air, gas, electric and steam digital meters/sensors.
  • Monitor & Track energy consumption of the guzzlers in real-time.
  • Aggregate the energy consumption across all guzzlers.
  • Baseline the "Business as Usual" energy consumption for each process/task/production schedule.
  • Compare energy usage of similar plants / processes/ operational conditions. Identify energy wastage early.
  • Predict energy profile for a planned production schedule/process/task.
  • Recommend/Implement strategies to optimize the predicted energy profile.
  • Set a savings goal for a future period and track the achievement of the goal continuously.


  • Be energy aware anywhere (mobile and web application); Take proactive actions - before energy is wasted, and save costs.
  • No requirement for sophisticated IT knowledge for operation / use.
  • Easy to maintain. Flexibility in altering reports, views and computation rules.
  • Identify power quality issues, minimize unplanned downtime, extend equipment life, and curb utility penalties.
  • Understand the breakdown of energy bills in a granular manner.
  • Compute energy cost/unit product to provide better estimates to clients.
  • Achieve a minimum annual savings of 8.5% (or one month's bill).

How eC4 has Benefited Various Manufacturers

Power Quality Intelligence, Food Processing.

Process Anomalies, Boiler Performance.

Energy Use Improvement, Cylinder Manufacturer.

Prediction of Energy Usage for a Production Demand.

Process Variables Intelligence, Electronics Manufacturing.

Paint Shop Energy Intelligence, Automotive.