Enterprise Gateway (EG) is an intelligent Asset Performance Management solution that continuously drives excellence in asset performance. Specifically, EG improves availability & reliability of plant assets in response to a dynamic production demand.

EG interfaces with humans via a simple EG Sync mobile application. EG sync facilitates opportunistic collaboration between different plant, enterprise stakeholders - thereby enabling effective, timely manual interventions to generate proactive actions to prevent failures.

Basic Features

Asset Performance Tracking

(to identify potential failures early)

Peer to Peer Communication

(to solve problems collaboratively)

Generate/Approve Work Order

(to act immediately)

Monitor Asset Health Status

(to identify potential failures early)

Spare Parts Tracking

(to ensure availability)

Failure Histories

(to improve Preventive Maintenance)

Enter Root Cause

(to characterise and learn about failures)

Advanced Features

Predicting Behaviour in a Future Period

(to extend the useful life of assets)

Intelligent Rules Engine and Asset Performance Rules Library

(to proactively generate actions when asset performance becomes sub-optimal)

Frictionless Enterprise Integration

(to maintain a single system of record across the enterprise)


  • Unplanned Downtime reduction by 50-80%.

  • Planned Downtime reduction by 15-30% annually.

  • Mean time to repair reduced by 15% annually.

  • Failure rate reduced by 20% annually.

  • Critical spare-parts availability maintained at 100%.

  • Work order execution efficiency improved by 30% annually.

  • Non-value-added labor removed.

  • Asset Effectiveness continuously Improved.

  • Asset Efficiency continuously Improved.

  • Asset Availability continuously improved.

  • Asset Reliability continuously improved.

  • Asset Remaining Useful Life continuously improved.

How Enterprise Gateway has Benefited Various Manufacturers

Top 5 Global Auto OEM Cuts Unplanned Downtime.

Personal Care Giant Tracks Production Waste.

Power Plant Maintenance Optimization.

Water Utility Reliability Excellence.

Plant Reliability at Global Aerospace Giant.

Machine Intelligence in Food Production.