For Small & Medium
Manufacturers (SMMs)

As an SMM, are you encountering the following production challenges?

> Non-availability of accurate data
> Unplanned downtimes
> Sub-optimal productivity & quality
> Poor traceability

> Low asset utilization

Then our Smart Manufacturing
Bundle could be your answer!

A low-cost packaged offering of BorgConnect®
solutions will help you unlock hidden efficiencies
in your factory floor by leveraging legacy

Improve Your
Production Performance

By tracking KPIs like OEE, throughput, utilization, and downtime (by root cause), uncover bottlenecks and generate actionable intelligence in short intervals.

Improve & Track Part Quality

By digitalizing both in-house and supplier quality measurements, eliminate operator errors and omissions. Integrate with in-house Quality Management Systems.

Optimize Energy Consumption

By connecting directly to any energy guzzler (machines), optimize energy
consumption for varying
load conditions.

Reduce Unplanned

By learning patterns of
failure via machine
intelligence, predict future
failures of assets and
reduce downtime. Move to
preventive & predictive
maintenance to extend
equipment life.

The Smart Manufacturing
Bundle allows SMMs like you to:

>Connect to any shop floor machine, even old legacy machines, and start gathering machine data in real-time!
>Use the existing shop floor setup for real-time dashboards, without any need to upgrade!

>Be up and running in a few hours with no specialized plant resources, and continuous remote support from 5G!
>Empower your workers to become more productive using the tablet-version of the Bundle!
> Convert your factory floor data into actionable insights at minimal investment!